How Artificial Intelligence is Different from Machine Learning

Describing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two terms that are creating a huge buzzword all over the world, and are often used interchangeably. However, there is a stark difference amid the two that is still anonymous to the industry experts. A lot of misperceptions exist between how is artificial intelligence different from machine learning.

Describing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is the study to train computers to do things in an improved, upgraded and better way, which at present humans can do. AI has a tendency to be used in situations where adapting to new scenarios is significant.

Machine learning is something which can be learned from experience. For instance, ML is a learning where machine is capable of learning on its own deprived of being plainly programmed. ML is nothing but an application of artificial intelligence providing the system a knack to advance and learn automatically from the experience. In ML, a program can be created by integrating both input and output of that program. Also, in machine learning, algorithms gain the skill or knowledge through experience.

The Key Differences Between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning re two different things, and it is necessary to understand how these two can be applied separately. AI is a wider concept than ML, which addresses the use of computers to replicate the cognitive functions of humans. On the contrary, when machine performs tasks established on algorithms in an ‘intelligent’ way, then it is AI.

Listed below are some of the major differences between AI and MLA

  • AI is defined as an ability to gain and apply knowledge, where intelligence stands for acquisition of knowledge. While in ML, it is defined as gaining of knowledge or skill.
  • The main focus of AI is to escalate the chance of success but not the accuracy. On the other hand, the aim of ML is to increase accuracy without caring about success.
  • AI is run as a computer program that executes smart work. ML is a simple concept where machine is capable of learning on its own from the data it already has.
  • The key goal of AI is to kindle natural intelligence to resolve complicated problems. While ML goals to learn from the data on certain tasks to make the most of the performance of machine on the same task.
  • AI is decision making and ML lets the system to learn different and new things from the data.
  • AI leads in developing a system to imitate human to respond and behave in certain situations. Whereas, ML is involved in self-educating algorithms.
  • AI contributes in wisdom and ML contributes to knowledge.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are swiftly replacing the present mode of technology that can be seen these days. Traditional programming packages like CRM and ERP are indeed losing their charisma. Firms like Google and Facebook are investing a huge amount in AI to get the desired outcome. AI and ML are two terms that are already set to redefine the world of IT and software in the upcoming future.