7 Most Amazing Gadgets for a Smarter Smart Home

Smart Home Gadgets

When it comes to decorating your home with smart stuffs, the list never ends. Smart home gear can be great gifts for anyone who’ve already started off down the rabbit hole. However, the market is full of mystery devices from brands no one has ever heard of, including apps that hardly performs in a swifter and smarter way which will probably stop working after the next big Android or iOS update.

Here’s a compiled list of a few authentic smart stuffs for your home:

1. TP-Link Kasa Plug

TP link kasa plug

These plugs are an amazing way you can introduce a person to the connected home. They are quite affordable and they work with every popular voice assistant and smart phones. With the help of these smart plugs you can turn a basic lamp or coffee maker into a smart device without replacing anything.

2. Wyze Cam Pan

wyze cam pan

Wyze Cam Pan comes with a lot of magic features such as the small 1080p camera pans, tilts and zooms, and a low-light mode. The best feature of this cost-effective Wyze Cam Pan is that it works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can say it is by far the best smart home camera for a cost of $35.

3. Ember

Smart Coffee Mug

Ember is not just a smart coffee mug. The ember has an internal heater which keeps the drink at an ideal temperature as set by the user via a companion app. Nevertheless, a brilliant choice for whole-day coffee sipper.

4. Dewplanter

Automated Water Sprinkler

Dewplanter is an automated water-sprinkler for plants. It captures and filters water in the air. It works as a dehumidifier and it waters a plant with the excess water. A control panel allows the owner to set the desired water amount. Dewplanter is best for low-maintenance plants like evergreens, violets, ferns, and aloe plants.

5. Furbo

Furbo Web Cam

An amazing gift for dog-lovers, Furbo is part web cam and part treat dispenser. With the help of a smartphone app, the owner can remotely monitor and interact with their pets, also tossing out treats more often. Color signals and sounds are designed in an impressive dog-friendly way to get attention. In addition, real-time updates and a camera let owners keep an eye in their pet’s life from afar.

6. iGrill


This fantastic thermometer is designed for grilling. The wireless connectivity gives the grill a modern touch. iGrill allows the user to check the meat’s temperature from a smartphone and without opening the grill. A magnetic base sticks the control unit to the side of the grill and the probes are designed to withstand searing heat.

7. Casper Glow Light

7. Casper Glow Light

The Casper glow light makes going to bed and waking up easier. The warm light gradually dims to help in falling asleep. The alarm function slowly turns on to help to wake you up from a deep sleep. It’s much like a portable lantern, which recharges using a bed-side dock. The Casper light’s design is simple and durable. The most important feature being that the clock can be controlled with a smartphone app.