5 Different Types of Decorative Concrete to Give your Home a Beautiful Makeover

    Decorative Concrete

    Concrete is used extensively all over the world to add beauty to houses and buildings. Its strength and durability makes it a desirable option. Decorative concrete is an excellent option if you prefer the rich look of natural stone, brick, or pretty tiles. Decorative concrete is regular concrete with an added touch of unique coloring, patterns, or finishes. Adding texture to the concrete creates a no-slip finish, which can be installed around unsafe places like swimming pool. The main purpose of decorative concrete finishes is to give a total makeover to style or material that is already existing, delivering an entirely new and attractive look without replacing the concrete. Decorative concrete has different types including a number of styles, colors, and textures.

    Acid Stain

    Acid-stained is considered to be one of the most popular and common types of decorative finishes for the driveway. For creating this type of concrete, acid stain pigments are soaked deep into the pores that permanently change the color of the gray slab. This type of concrete can be applied to both interior and exterior flooring.

    Stamped Concrete

    Stamped overlays is a great option for a residential decorative concrete. It will not require to tear out the expensive concrete slab already installed can be simply top with thin stamped overlays. Whether you want something that resembles slate, cobblestone, or another look in between, stamped concrete can meet your expectation.

    Polishing Concrete

    You can get an aesthetic interior look for a minimal cost with this polishing concrete. Concrete can be polished using Mechanical grinders and diamond pads with varying grit sizes. By going over the concrete repeatedly with the grit diamond pads, the concrete retains a glassy, shiny finish. Just like Acid stains, concrete dyes can be used during this process to add more color and shine.

    Colored Concrete

    Concrete floors can effectively be painted with various topical and integral colors. Integral colored concrete is a durable and multi-purpose material. Non-fading, uniform, and permanent concrete can be produced in a wide range of colors: variegates shadings, warm earth shades, vivid hues and any shade of gray. Planters, curbs, drains and pathways can be blended by using subtle harmonizing shades with the natural greenery. Whether it is the entryways, indoors, utility areas, kitchens, recreation areas, hallways, sunrooms and splash rooms; colored concrete makes any d├ęcor captivating and eye-catching.

    Honed Aggregate

    Exposed aggregate concrete offers a unique style to get a brilliant new look. It removes the top layer of the concrete and exposes the variably sized aggregates found inside. This decorative concrete is available in multiple aggregate size and offers the same durability as traditional concrete. Concrete is a versatile material that is great for driveways, patios, and walkways.